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Our blog offers a behind the screen look at our instructors, information for parents and kids learning computer science and math, and news about EDVON Learning.

Mental Math

Math Games for Kids

Math Games for Kids Math games for kids are an interesting way to teaching mental math to your kids. Because, only few out of many

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Why Schooling Needs to Change

Why Schooling Needs to Change The world is changing, yet traditional schooling continue to use the same teaching and learning methods developed two centuries ago.

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Coding for Kids

Coding for Kids Coding for kids can seem daunting at first, especially if you’re not a tech-savvy parent. However, several benefits come with learning to

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About Us

EDVON is the unique online 1:1 live coding, robotics and mathematics program based on STEAM philosophy that will help your kids to be successful in future, by teaching them highly demanding 21st century technical and soft skills.