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EDVON is an online private tutor academy that offers Coding, Robotics,  Mathematics and Experimental Science Classes for Kids ages 6-18, to equip them with 21st century technical and soft skills. 

 We have developed all the courses based on motivational design strategies and gamification to make e-learning fun, engaging and productive for the kids to equip them with 21st century technical and soft skills.

We have designed four curriculums to build the force of innovators and creators.

Our first curriculum is "Coding for kids” where we teach coding skills to the kids from introductory level to advanced level. The series of coding courses are designed in a way that will help the kids to easily grab the fundamental concepts of coding by making interactive games in Scratch programming followed by android app development, website development and coding in Python. 

The second curriculum is “Robotics for Kids” for those who love robots and interested in hands-on activities. The series of courses are designed to teach the core element of robotics, which include electronics, coding, mechanical designing, computer vision and product development in the field of robotics and automation. 

The third curriculum is “Mental Math” for the brain development of the kids. The series of courses will train the kids to do the mathematical calculation in their minds without using the calculator. 

The fourth one is not the curriculum but a special online tutor program for kids ages 6-16 to teach them traditional Mathematics, Computer, English and Science subjects with practical activities. This track is specially designed for kids who are studying in schools but not able to grab the concepts in a particular subject due to traditional teaching methodology in their schools. In this course our online tutor will be following the school’s curriculum but the teaching methodology will be totally hands-on to clear the concepts of each topic in the subject. It will not only improve their grades but also help in brain development.

In all the courses we have designed practical activities to teach logical thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration to the kids, it will help them to grow in their professional and personal life.

We use the STEAM E-learning portal to teach all the courses where students can login on specific time of class with video calling. All the live classes are recorded in real time so that the kids can watch the videos later anytime if they want to revise the concepts. Students complete all their assignments and quizzes on the STEAM E-Learning Portal. 

We have a subscription model and pricing depends on the package that students can cancel anytime. In all the courses we provide money back guarantee within two classes, no question asked. 

EDVON believes in equipping the kids with the right skills set that will help them to grow in their personal and professional life. Following are the fundamental beliefs of EDVON program that will help your kids to be more productive and help them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their life,


Personalized Mentors

According to Oprah Winfrey,   

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” We believe that mentors play an important role to succeed in life.  That’s why we call our teachers as “mentors” instead of instructors due to the fact that we do not want them to be only good at technical subjects but they must also possess leadership qualities to inspire and motivate the kids while teaching coding, robotics, mathematics and science subjects.
We assign a mentor on a group of students (maximum 10). Our mentors understand your kids while teaching and try to mold the teaching techniques to provide the maximum personalized learning experience to your kids. The key benefit of personalized mentors is that your kids will be learning at their own pace. Mentors also guide your kids about which fields are growing and have demands in the future and most importantly how they can prepare themselves to get into the top universities.

Progression-based Curriculum

Every kid has a different learning curve and we respect this. That’s why we have designed a structured curriculum in a way that will help your kids to understand the basics first and then slowly grab the advanced topics with hands-on practical activities throughout the course. We have divided the online STEAM courses in following four categories because all the kids have different learning patterns,

  • Coding for kids: The courses in Coding for Kids are totally based on software or simulators, and all the projects and practices are done on software because some students are not interested in learning hardware. The sequence of courses in this category is designed to teach fundamental concepts of coding on Scratch Programming followed by android app development, website development and python programming. These all are the programming languages that prepare your kids for school and college exams and play an important role in improving their grades. Most importantly all these programming languages even help your kids to get into top computer science universities.
  • Robotics for kids: Robotics is one of the most growing fields and kids mostly like to play with robots and this category is ideal for those kids who break their remote control cars to explore what is inside and their parents are annoyed due to their energy and passion to make their own physical projects. The beauty of robotics is that it's a multidisciplinary field and provides the opportunity to learn electronics, coding, mechanical designing and hardware product development, simultaneously. The sequence of courses are designed to teach basic electronics followed by programming in Scratch and Python, programming C++ in Arduino, Programming Raspberry pi in Python and making autonomous cars using computer vision. The courses help your kids to understand the fundamental concepts of physics and mathematics that will help your kids to get good marks and most importantly can help your kids to get into the top robotics universities. 
  • Mental Math: This category is essential for the kids for their brain development and financial literacy. The sequence of courses are designed to train your kids to do the complex mathematical calculation in their imagination without using the calculators. It will help your kids to get good grades in mathematics and develop their critical thinking that will help your kids in the long run.
  • Online Tutor: We understand that sometimes parents want their kids to learn new skills like coding, robotics and mental math but due to workload of homework from school, their kids cannot take such online courses. This category is specially designed for such parents to help their kids understand the core concepts of the subjects they are studying in school. You can say this category is the same as home tuition for your kids to teach them what they are learning at school to improve their grades. The difference we are providing in this category is that we are providing online best mentors for your kids from best universities to teach your kids the traditional subjects like Mathematics, Science, Computer and English with hands-on practical activities, to make your kids love what they are studying in schools. We guarantee that your kids will definitely improve the grades in class and our mentors will train them to become confident in their class.


 Develop Soft Skills

Soft Skills often known as “people skills or emotional intelligence”, these skills are equally important as technical skills but mostly parents underestimate its importance or do not know how to built-in such skills in their kids. Soft skills are basically attributes of  someone’s personality and as parents we have to be very careful what attribute our kids should possess to be successful in this modern age.  Inculcating emotional intelligence in kids is not as easy as teaching technical skills such as coding, robotics, science or mathematics, because it's a long term process and cannot be taught theoretically. It can only be built-in into the personality of the kids with a series of hands-on planned activities that can slowly be practiced by the kids without even telling them that we are teaching them these incredible skills. We have adopted the  “Learn by Doing” methodology in all our coding, robotics science and mathematics courses to teach soft skills to your kids. According to World Economic Forum, following are the most important soft skills we should teach to our kids to  make them globally employable and run a successful business, 


  • Communication: The ability to present your complex ideas in a way that everybody can easily understand, is called effective communication. Communication is one of the most important skills for your kids to be successful in school, college and life. Breaking complex algorithms into simple steps while coding robots help your kids to understand how to bring clarity in their ideas. The practice of writing complex algorithms into simple terms trains your kids to effectively communicate with others. 


  • Creativity: Robotics, Coding and Mathematics promote the culture of creativity and innovation among the students. There is a misconception about the definition of creativity among parents that creativity is all about drawing art, painting or storytelling. But Creativity is all about Thinking Differently. The good news for parents is that creativity can be taught to your kids. We have designed project based challenges in all our courses that will help your kids to think out-of-box to solve particular challenges. The continuous practice of solving different open-ended challenges related to robotics, coding and mathematics train your kids to think differently and hence boost their creativity. 


  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Working in a group to make coding and robotics projects is one of the key features of EDVON STEAM classes. The purpose of letting kids work in a group is to teach them one of the essential skills needed to be successful in this modern age, teamwork and collaboration. Kids work with each other, choose their leaders and plan the timeline to complete their projects. The practice of such sequences in each project prepares your kids to be successful throughout their life.

  • Problem-solving: Problem-solving is the trait that we all should have, because we all face problems on a daily basis, it doesn't  matter if it is small or large. Coding robots is one of the most fun and engaging ways to teach problem-solving skills to our child. When students are coding to move the robot, they learn how to solve problems in simple steps. The problem-solving is a life skill that will help your kids in day to day activities.

    Persistence: The act of accepting a challenge and keep working hard to make it work, even after failing many times is called persistence. It is not easy to teach persistence to our kids but it is an essential skill our child must have because we do not want our kids to give up after facing real life problems. Coding robots teaches our kids to come up with different ideas to solve the given problem and keep trying innovative tactics until they succeed.

Following are the key points of our curriculum that make EDVON curriculum unique,

  • Personalized mentors for your kids, who studied or studying  from top universities
  • STEAM Curriculum designed and supervised by computer and robotics scientists from top universities or companies, i.e. Amazon, Stanford, Microsoft, UC Berkeley etc.
  • Internal and external coding, robotics, mathematics and science  competitions
  • STEAM Curriculum coves highly demanded skills required in top universities and companies
  • Our STEAM Curriculum helps your kids to get into good colleges and top universities, and help them get good grades in mathematics, physics, science, computer science related subjects
  • One-on-one live sessions offer personalized attention for your kids
  • Group sessions teach your kids the importance of teamwork and collaboration
  • All the courses are designed based on multiple intelligence theory 
  • The mentors teach the courses as per the learning pace of your kids
  • Students centric approach to make the overall learning experience fun, engaging and productive for your kids

All the courses offered by EDVON are designed and supervised by Robotics and Computer Scientists from top universities (such as Stanford, TUM, Harvard, MIT, KAIST, UC Berkeley, Imperial College London) and companies (Facebook, Google, Marvel, Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon) in the world.

Yes, we have advisors and investors from top universities (such as MIT, Stanford, TUM, Harvard and KAIST etc.) and companies (such as Google, facebook, Marvel, Cisco). 

No, EDVON is an online platform that offers coding, robotics, mathematics and science classes from quality mentors to the students from all over the world.

EDVON Personalized Mentors

We call our instructors a "Personalized Mentor for Your Kids” because we do not want to teach only technical and soft skills to your kids, but also guide and inspire them to lead a successful life. As parents we want our kids to get into top universities and fully funded scholarships but mostly parents do not know how to guide and encourage their kids to pursue their dream.

We select the mentors who are studying or studied in top universities on scholarships, so that they can guide your kids right from primary to university level.

We hire hand selected undergraduate and graduate students from top universities. Our selection criteria is very competitive in order to make sure your kids are getting high quality mentors.

We have made competitive following mentor selection criteria,

  • We select the mentors from top universities and test their technical skills through rigorous testing process
  • We hire mentors who are specialize in their subject
  • We provide specialized training to the mentors in one of the subjects, robotics, coding, mathematics and experimental science
  • We provide the soft skills training to the mentors
  • In first three months our new mentors work with experienced mentors to understand the teaching methodology 
  • We take the feedback of our mentors from students and parents to improve the overall learning experience for your kids

EDVON STEAM Curriculum for Schools

Yes, we have a complete package for schools who are interested in adopting EDVON STEAM Curriculum. For more details kindly contact us at info@theedvolution.com and mention “School Name Query for EDVON STEAM Curriculum” in the subject. Our representative will get back to you in 2-3 working days.

EDVON STEAM Curriculum pricing is different from group or one-one sessions. For more details kindly contact us at info@theedvolution.com and mention “School Name Query for Pricing of EDVON STEAM Curriculum” in the subject. Our representative will get back to you in 2-3 working days.

EDVON STEAM E-learning Portal

EDVON STEAM E-learning Portal is designed to facilitate your kids to take online live coding, robotics, mathematics or experimental science classes. The STEAM E-learning Portal is a complete Learning Management System that will help you to track the progress of your kids, check the assignments, grades and recorded video to make the learning process transparent for you.

Here are simple four steps to access the EDVON STEAM E-learning Portal,

  1. Go to the website https://eport.tech/ from any of your browsers. 
  2. Select your STEAM course
  3.  Enter your confidential username and password
  4. Access all the course material and enjoy learning

Yes, on the STEAM E-learning portal you have the option to submit your assignments and quizzes.. You can easily login to your course and complete the quizzes and assignments.

STEAM E-learning portal can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. 

Note: For online live classes you will be given a specific time slot to take the classes

STEAM E-learning portal has the option of video calling, this option is mostly used for online live class, parent-teacher meeting and internal-teacher management meetings

STEAM E-learning portal provides the option of recording the live classes which are uploaded by the teacher soon after the class ends. Recorded lectures help students who have missed out any lecture or they want to revise the lecture.

Assignments and quizzes are graded by the mentors.

STEAM E-learning portal has a feature to check the marks just by clicking on the assignment and the quizzes they want to check.

STEAM eLearning Portal username and password is only provided by EDVON via email before starting the STEAM courses.

Following are the five simple steps to download and install the software from e-learning portal,

  1. Login to STEAM E-Learning Portal with your username and password
  2. Look for the software in the portal as per your OS.
  3. Watch the download and installing video available in the STEAM E-Learning Portal
  4. Select the software and click on download
  5. Select the downloaded file and click on install

To discuss any problem students can drop their concern to the teacher on e-Learning portal or they can email their concerns at support@theedvolution.com or post their query to EDVON Robotics Community on facebook.

Parents are allowed to sit with their kids in the online class but not allowed to discuss anything during the online class because the course material is designed as per the age groups of the kids and only kids are allowed to ask questions during the online STEAM classes. The registration of your kids will be cancelled without refund if parents are found asking questions during the online live classes.

To join online classes students have to login to e-Learning portal  (it is suggested to login 15 min prior to your class timing, to avoid any technical issue). 

Coding for Kids Curriculum

According to Dr. Thomas Bak, a lecturer at Edinburgh's School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences,

“People who speak more than one language are more focused and better at attention than people who speak only one language” because the process of learning a new language activates neurons and hence boosts brain development. 

Language is a way of communicating your thoughts to others, similarly, programming or coding is a way of communicating your thoughts to a machine or computer. According to the research, Learning coding or programming has the same long term advantages for your kids, as learning any other language.

Following are the 13 benefits of teaching coding to your kids,

  1. Coding improves logical and analytical thinking
  2. Coding can open the doors of many highly demanded job opportunities 
  3. Coding boost the confidence
  4. Coding strengthen the decision-making ability
  5. Coding helps in understanding others perspective
  6. Coding improves memory
  7. Coding boost Multi-Tasking ability
  8. Coding improves performance in other academic subjects, like, mathematics, physics and computer science etc. 
  9. Coding improves digital literacy
  10. Coding Develops Structural Thinking
  11. Coding helps in building a risk-taking attitude
  12. Coding enhances communication
  13. Coding teaches teamwork and collaboration

You can read the detailed benefits of teaching coding to children at coding for kid's curriculum and benefits of coding for kids.

Scratch Programming is a block-based programming developed by MIT. It is one of the easiest ways to teach coding to children. Scratch programming is for absolute beginners to teach them fundamental concepts of coding and algorithm development without memorizing the complex programming syntax. Game development is the key feature in the starting courses to make learning fun and engaging for your kids.

We have designed the structured coding for kids curriculum from absolute beginners to advanced level. 

Following is the sequence of coding curriculum,

  • Scratch Programming For Beginners
  • Scratch Programming Advance Level
  • Android App Development for Kids
  • WordPress for Beginners
  • WordPress for Intermediate
  • Python for kids

All the courses are best for your kids but on the age group and prior knowledge of your kids. After admissions our mentors work with you and your kids to understand which course is best for them.

Robotics for Kids Curriculum

The key feature of Robotics is that it is a multidisciplinary field and has more benefits then only teaching coding to your kids because it covers following four main discipline,

  • Coding or Programming
  • Mechanical Designing and Fabrication
  • Electronics Circuit Designing and Fabrication
  • Artificial Intelligence 

              Aforementioned four disciplines are the most demanded and highly paid skills all over the world.

              If you think that your kids are more interested in making things and love practical learning then Robotics for     

              Kids Program is the best choice for your kids compared to Coding for Kids Program.


Following are the other 12 benefits of teaching robotics to your kids,

Coding improves the logical and analytical thinking

  1. Robotics teaches perseverance and persistence
  2. Robotics improves critical thinking
  3. Robotics enhance the confidence
  4. Robotics improves the decision making ability
  5. Robotics improves memory
  6. Robotics teaches Multi-Tasking 
  7. Robotics boost performance in academic subjects, like, mathematics, physics, electronics,  and computer science etc. 
  8. Robotics can open the doors of highly paid job opportunities for your kids
  9. Robotics develops Logical Thinking
  10. Robotics develops  risk taking attitude
  11. Robotics improves presentation skills
  12. Robotics teaches collaboration

We have designed the progression-based robotics for kids curriculum from absolute beginners to advanced level. 

Following is the sequence of robotics curriculum,

  • Robot Electronics for Kids (TinkerCAD: Basic Electronics)
  • Robot Programming for kids (Scratch Programming for Beginners)
  • Arduino with C++: The Robot Brain Simulation (Arduino: Level 1)
  • Robotics for Kids (Arduino: Level 2)
  • IOT in Robotics (Internet of Things
  • Python for kids 
  • Raspberry Pi for Kids
  • Computer Vision with Raspberry Pi
  • Autonomous Cars
  • PCB Designing
  • Mechanical Designing
  • 3D Printing
  • Product Development and Entrepreneurship

All the robotics courses do not require STEM Kits. You need to buy a Robotics Kit separately if required in the course. The tuition fee does not include the Robotics or STEM kit.

All the courses are best for your kids but on the age group and prior knowledge of your kids. After admissions our robotics mentors work with you and your kids to understand which course is best for them.

Mental Math Curriculum

Mental Maths is a way of performing mathematical calculation in imagination without using the calculator, pen and paper and other electronics gadgets. There is a myth that mathematics is a hard subject but if we think carefully then we will realize that we use mathematics  in our day to day activities,, whether we perform calculation while buying something from grocery stores, saving money and calculating how much more money we have to save to buy a new toy, or how much fees we have to pay for Mental Math Class to EDVON,  for our children😀. 

Mental Math has following 9 benefits for your kids,

  1. Mental Math improves visualization and imagination
  2. Mental Math gives stimuli to both left and right side of the brain
  3. Mental Math improves memory
  4. Mental Math enhances observation
  5. Mental Math play an important to build self confidence
  6. Mental Math helps in improving grades in mathematics
  7. Mental Math develops love for maths
  8. Mental Math improves the attention span of your kids
  9. Mental Math enhances concentration level

The Mental Math course is divided into two groups (Junior and Senior) depending on the age groups and each group has 5 levels to make your kids experts in Mental Math. 

Following is the sequence of courses in each group,

  • Abacus Math/Mental Math Level 1
  • Abacus Math/Mental Math Level 2
  • Abacus Math/Mental Math Level 3
  • Abacus Math/Mental Math Level 4
  • Abacus Math/Mental Math Level 5

You can find detailed information about the Mental Math Course from here.

All the Mental Math courses do not require Mental Math Kits. You need to buy a kit separately if required in the course. The tuition fee does not include the kit.

Home Tutor or Online Tutor Program

Online Tutor Program is designed to teach traditional, Science, Mathematics, English and Computer subjects to your kids with high quality mentors from top universities. Our Online Tutor Program is similar to what we call home tuition to give personal attention to your kids to improve their grades in schools to get into top colleges and universities. 

Teaching traditional subjects with hands-on practical activities make our Online Tutor Program unique. Normally in schools and in home tuition the kids are forced to memorize to get good marks without even understanding the actual concepts, it not only makes our kids mentally weak but also kill their creativity. We train our mentors how to teach Mathematics, Science, Computer and English subjects to your kids with hands-on fun and engaging learning activities. It will not only boost the creativity, logical thinking and problem solving skills, but also improves the grades of your kids in school.

The duration of the Online Tutor Program is year around. 

We offer tutors or mentors for following subjects,

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computer
  • English

We provide tutors from grades 1st  onwards.

No, our Online Tutor follows the curriculum that is being taught in the school where your kid is studying. We follow the same curriculum but our teaching methodology to teach the concepts is totally different from traditional teaching. 

Yes, you need to buy experimental kits for performing different activities to practically implement the concepts learning in the school.

EDVON Free STEAM Courses

Yes, EDVON offers Free Coding Courses for kids. Kindly visit Free Coding Courses for Kids, to know more about the courses.

Yes, EDVON offers Free Robotics Courses for kids. Kindly visit Free Robotics Courses for Kids, to know more about the courses.

Yes, EDVON offers Free Mental Math Courses for kids. Kindly visit Free Mental Math Courses for Kids, to know more about the courses.

Registration and Payment

We have following subscription-based payment packages,

  • Group Package 1: The students to mentor ratio is 10:1 and $60 is the fee per month, Four classes a month
  • Group Package 2: The students to mentor ratio is 5:1 and $120 is the fee per month, Four classes a month
  • One-One Package: The students to mentor ratio is 1:1 and $200 is the fee per month, Four classes a month
  • Premium One-One Package: The students to mentor ratio is 1:1 and $400 is the fee per month, Eight classes a month

You can pay via bank transfer, credit card, Xoom or Paypal

You need to fill the Refund form to claim your refund.

You can register for online STEAM Classes at Course Registration Page

Prerequisite and Requirements

We have designed all the STEAM courses from absolute beginners, so you do need a prerequisite to take any beginner level course. However, if you want to take an intermediate and advanced level course then our mentors will work with you and your kids to guide which course is best for your kids.

Following are the main setup you need to take online courses,

  1. Laptop
  2. High speed internet


Kindly goto Refer Course link and make your personalized referral link, and share that link with everyone.

If you refer someone with your personalized referral link then you will get $100 for 10 successful course registrations.

Get $100 by referring 4 kids ! Or get $20 on referring individual kid!

You can also adjust your referral credit in tuition fee, if your kid is taking any of the courses in robotics for kids, coding for kids, Mental Math for kids or Online Tutor for kids.

Register yourself to get the referral discount.

Your $100 will be transferred into your bank account automatically after 10 successful registration of online courses.

Yes, you can refer our program to schools.

Yes, you can refer our program to NGOs.

Yes, you can refer our program to your company for maximum retention of their employees.

Competitions and Awards

Following are the competition organized by EDVON,

  1. Competition at the end of each course
  2. EDVON Robotics League, is a yearly Robotics and Coding 
  3. We also guide our students to participate in different national and international competitions

Yes, you can participate in any competition after taking courses from EDVON. We encourage you to participate and share your progress with us. We will be happy to guide and share your success with our community members.

Yes, we give awards to best performing students in the courses.

Certification Criteria

We will email your certificate within one week of completion of courses.

Yes, students will not get the certification if they have more than two absences. 

Yes, students will not get the certificats who did not complete all their quizzes and assignments. 

Certificates are proof that your kids did invoice in productive extra curricular activities and it works as a merit certificate specially when applying for admission and scholarships. 


Yes, in case of a one-one session you can reschedule your classes but you need to notify us at least 48 hours in advance.

We give money back guarantee with the first two classes. If you do not like to continue the course within two classes then we will refund your money without asking any question.


We encourage your kids to participate in group activities and help each other. That's why we have made EDVON Robotics Community on Facebook, where your kids can help each other.

Yes, we are continuously developing new robotics courses for your kids that will help them to become experts in the latest robotics tools which increase their chances to get into top robotics programs. 

The minimum age is 6 years old and the maximum age is 18 years old

Yes, we do provide certificates for all the courses to those who successfully completed the course and complete the final projects.

The duration of each course depends on the learning ability of your kids. The normal duration of the course is 2-3 months. 

About Us

EDVON is the unique online 1:1 live coding, robotics and mathematics program based on STEAM philosophy that will help your kids to be successful in future, by teaching them highly demanding 21st century technical and soft skills.