Robotics for Kids

Arduino: Level 2


In previous course the kids learnt about C++ programming and Arduino in a simulator. The purpose of using the simulators was to reduce the chances of error while making the circuits physically, for the safety of your kids. The kids now know how to make electronic circuits and interfacing it with Arduino and programming in C++. In this course the kids will be using Arduino Started Kit to make real electronic circuits and real robots.

Student Learning Outcomes:
C++ programming 
• Physical wiring with electronics circuits
• Sensors and their interfacing in hardware
• Making Line Following Robot and obstacle detection robot

• Robotic Kit
• Internet
• Laptop/desktop
• Pre-request Course: Arduino Coding

Next Course:
Students will be able to take our next course “IOT in Robotics”

Course Outline of Arduino

Following is the course outline

Setting Up Arduino With Your Laptop/Desktop

C++ Programming

Nested Conditional Statements In C++

Nested Loops In C++

Array In C++

Wiring LEDs

Wiring Analogue Sensors

Wiring Digital Sensors

Wiring Ultrasonic Sensor

Wiring LDR

Wiring Arduino With Different Sensors And Circuit Physically

Serial Communication

Printing LDR And IR Values In Serial Monitor

Home Automation

Making Line Following Robot

Obstacle Detection Robot

Final Project


Certificate Distribution

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