Arduino Coding: The Robot Brain Simulation

Arduino Coding: Level 1


In previous courses we have learnt the basics of electronics and coding, now in this course the kids will be learning Arduino Coding and its interfacing in a simulator called TinkerCAD. Arduino is the brain of the robot that gives the command to different parts of the robot through Arduino Coding in C++.

Student Learning Outcomes:
• C++ programming
• Concepts of coding, i.e. algorithms, pseudo code, loops conditional statements, variables, operators etc.
• Understanding of Arduino
• Sensors and their interfacing with Arduino on TinkerCAD

• Internet
• Laptop/desktop
• Pre-request Course: “Robot Programming for kids”

Next Course:
Students will be able to take our next course “Robotics for Kids”

Course Outline of ARDUINO CODING

Following is the course outline

Introduction To Arduino

Introduction To C++ Programming

Getting Started With TinkerCAD

Coding Standards

Best Coding Practices

C++ Programming In Arduino

Conditional Statements In C++

Loops In C++

Operators In C++

Variables In C++

Analog And Digital Pins In Arduino

Interfacing LED With Arduino

Interfacing With Ultrasonic Sensor With Arduino

Interfacing LDR With Arduino

Wiring Arduino With Different Sensors And Circuit In TinkerCAD

Serial Communication In Arduino

Printing Your Name In Arduino Serial Communication

Making Traffic Light

Home Automation

Final Project


Certificate Distribution

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