Raspberry Pi for Kids

Raspberry Pi for Kids


In this course the kids will be learning the basics of Raspberry PI and Python programming languageRaspberry Pi is a powerful small computer that is widely being used not only in robotics projects but also in automation products. In the course, the kids will be making various Raspberry Pi projects and coding in Python.

Student Learning Outcomes:
• Understanding of Raspberry Pi
• Hands-on with Python programming
• Interfacing Raspberry Pi with robots and electronics circuits
• Wi-Fi remote access with Raspberry Pi
• Tracing and debugging Python Code

• Raspberry pi Starter Kit
• Internet
• Laptop/desktop
• Pre-request Course: Python for kids

Next Course:
Students will be able to take our next course “Computer Vision with Raspberry Pi”

Course Outline of RasPBERRY PI FOR KIDS

Following is the course outline

Introduction To Raspberry Pi

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi

Python Programming

Input And Output

Interfacing Electronics Components With Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi As An IOT Device

Smart Home Automation

Interfacing Camera

Line Following Robot With Raspberry Pi

Maze Solving Robot With Raspberry Pi

Rescue Robot

Final Project


Certificate Distribution

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