Mechanical Designing

Mechanical Designing


In previous course we have learnt the PCB designing and its manufacturing so that kids can develop the core aspects of any robotics related products. In this course the kids will be learning the basics of Mechanical Designing to make the attractive 3D designs of the products. In product development design and esthetic sense matters a lot and this course will help the kids to express their artistic as well as engineering talent to the world.

Student Learning Outcomes:
• Concepts of Engineering Drawing
• CAD software (SolidWorks) and it’s usage
• Concepts of Part Designing
• Concepts of mechanical assemblies
• Technical drawings
• Manufacturing and fabrication processes

• CAD Software
• Internet
• Laptop/desktop
• Pre-request Course: PCB Designing

Next Course:
Students will be able to take our next course “3D Printing”

Course Outline

Following is the course outline

Introduction To CAD Designing

Introduction To Technical Drawing

Components And Symbols Of Technical Drawing

Creating Drawing Of Basic Shapes With Hand

Introduction To CAD And Fusion 360

Understanding Fusion 360 GUI

Basic Of Sketch For Part Modeling

Part Modeling Basics: Extrude And Extrude Cut


Making Hole And Pattern

Shape Modify Tools

Making Drawing From Part

Creating Section Views, And Dimensions

Intro To Assembly: Types Of Joints And Mates

Making Assembly From Parts

Animate Mechanisms

Crack And Slider Mechanism

Cam Toy

Robotic Gripper


Certificate Distribution

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