Product Development and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship for Kids


Entrepreneurship for Kids is the last course of our series of Robotics for Kids. In this course we will not be teaching any technical skills instead we will be giving the projects to the kids and guiding them how to develop it. The key feature of the course is that the kids will be making the small products and selling them. This is the only way to teach the core concepts of product development and entrepreneurship to the kids.

Student Learning Outcomes:
• Product Development Process
• How to come up with new ideas
• Market analysis and financial modeling of the product
• Company registration and taxes
• Making the sales funnel and making revenue

• Product development hardware
• Internet
• Laptop/desktop
• Pre-request Course: 3D Printing

Course Outline Entrepreneurship for Kids

Following is the course outline

Introduction To Product Development

Introduction To Entrepreneurship

Market Analysis Before Making Or Selling The Products

Financial Modeling

Selling Ready Made Products

Thinking Of New Ideas To Solve Your Problems

Product Development Planning Phase

Product Development Phase

Product Testing Phase

Facebook Page For Your Product

Website For Your Product

Marketing Your Product In Your Friends And Family

FB Marketing

SEO Of Your Website

Generating Revenue

Product Display And Competition

Certificate Distribution

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