Computer Vision for Kids

Computer Vision with Raspberry Pi


Computer vision is one of the most growing and important field when it comes to autonomous cars, autonomous robots or self driving cars. In this course the kids will be learning the basics of computer vision and its implementation in Raspberry Pi.

Student Learning Outcomes:
• Understanding of CV
• Hands-on with OpenCV
• Camera interfacing with Raspberry Pi
• Understanding different algorithms of CV
• CV on Raspberry Pi

• Raspberry Pi Advance Kit
• Internet
• Laptop/desktop
• Pre-request Course: Raspberry Pi for kids

Next Course:
Students will be able to take our next course “Autonomous Car/Robot”

Course Outline of Computer Vision for Kids

Following is the course outline

Introduction To Image Processing

Digital Image Processing

Introduction To Open CV

Image Processing In Open CV

Getting Started With Images

Image Processing Techniques

Object Tracking

Morphological Transformation


Object Tracking With Contours

Working With Videos

Line Following Robot


Certificate distribution

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