Online Tutor Grades 1-8

EDVON also provides online private tutors to teach your kids ages 6-18, the traditional subjects like, Mathematics, Physics, Science and Chemistry in more hands-on and practical way to clear their concepts.


EDVON specialized in providing high quality project based experiential learning teaching methodology from our expert’s online tutors. The technology is growing rapidly and changing the way we interact with our surroundings. The advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is eating thousands of jobs but there is no change in our education system and still the education system is based on rote learning and memorization. Our traditional schooling is not preparing our kids for 21st century that’s why we see huge un-employment even after getting good grades in schools. The main drawback in our education system, is the missing of conceptual learning. We cannot change the over all education system but we can surely safe the future of our kids by conceptually teaching them the core subjects, i.e. Mathematics, Science, Computer and English. Conceptual learning not only helps the kids to understand the subject but also improve their logical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, and critical thinking. According to World Economic Forum, these 21st century skills are the most important factor for our kids to be successful in this rapid development of technology.

We understand that, it is difficult to convince the schools to emphasis on conceptual and personalize learning, that’s why we have taken the initiative to provide you the high quality trained online tutor to conceptually teach your kids the following subjects to improve not only their grades but also their logical thinking, critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills.
1. Math Tutor
2. Experimental Science Tutor
3. Computer Tutor
4. English Tutor

Benefits of EDVON’s Online Tutors

EDVON is the pioneer in developing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) curriculum which has been implemented in more than 300 schools and vocational trainer institutes. EDVON has in depth understanding of student’s psychology and how to make learning fun and productive for kids. Our online tutors are well trained in how to practically teach the traditional subjects to make it more fun and engaging for the kids.

Following are the key benefits of having EDVON’s online tutor for your kids:
• Highly qualified trained trainers
• Quality assurance from company
• Money back guaranty, if not satisfied in first two classes. No question asked
• Practical learning with material
• Enhance the logical thinking, critical thinking, communication skills and problem solving skills
• Participate in national and international competition
• Career counselling from experts
• Good grades

• Internet
• Laptop/desktop
• Relevant course books
• Relevant experimental kits

Admission Procedure
Following is the easy three step process for admission,
1. Pay the admission fee
2. Interview of the student
3. Interview of the parent
4. Admission Notification

Experimental Science Tutor

Curiosity of understanding the laws is the main reason of people reaching the space, with curiosity nobody can grow and understand how our planet works. We would like to indulge the curiosity of science in our kids by teaching them experimental science. We follow the same course outline the school is following but we demonstrate each topic in a more practical and hands-on way so that kids really understand the concept and can apply in real life.

Computer Tutor

Computer has literary changed the life of people and continuous advancement of computer is making our life easier by doing most of the work automatically. Computer is not a subject of rote learning but it is way of exploring the world. Our trained teachers not only teach the advance topics of computer but also explain the positive use of computer and much more.

English Tutor

All the big companies consider English as one of the most important factor while hiring. Our online tutors practically teach the spoken English to the kids, as well as topics covered in their traditional schooling. This will build the student’s confidence as well as improve the grades.

Math Tutor

Mathematics seems to be a boring and complex subject because of the teaching style in our traditional education system. We believe that mathematics plays an important role in the brain development of the kids. Our trainers teach the core concepts of mathematics with practical examples and its implementation in real world.

About Us

EDVON is the unique online 1:1 live coding, robotics and mathematics program based on STEAM philosophy that will help your kids to be successful in future, by teaching them highly demanding 21st century technical and soft skills.