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Basic Electronics for Kids


Free Basic Electronic for kids is specially designed for kids who are interested in robotics. It is a free online course for kids to give them the basics understanding of electronics and hands-on activities with electronics circuits. 

Basic electronics is the first step into the world of Robotics for kids. Because,  it this course kids will be learning how to build electronics circuits on TinkerCAD.

Student Learning Outcomes:

• Introduction to robotics
• Understanding of basic electronics

• Different Electronics Components
• Design Electronics Circuits
• How to make Circuits on TinkerCAD

• Internet
• Laptop/desktop
• Pre-request Course: No pre-request course

Next Course:
After the course the students will be able to take our more advance and detail courses, next course “Robot Programming
for Kids”

Course Outline of Free Basic ELECTRONIC COURSE

Following is the course outline

Introduction To Robotics

Getting Started With Basic Electronics

Working With TinkerCAD

Resistors And Resistance



Ohm Meter

Practice with Ohm Meter

Making AND Gate

hands-on with AND Gates

Turn on LEDs

Traffic Light

Building Simple Circuit

Debugging Of Electronics Circuits

Circuit Design Competition

Certificate Distribution

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