Mental Math for Seniors

Abacus Math/Mental Math Level 1


The course will work as a brain development program for kids by focusing on concentration, listening skills and quick information processing. The course will enhance mental calculation capabilities with speed and accuracy thus resulting in loss of fear for math.

Student Learning Outcomes:
• Counting 1-99 on fingers
• Addition & Subtraction on Fingers 1-99
• Working on Abacus
• Addition & Subtraction on Abacus
• Concept of House of 5 (Small Friends)
• Working with House of 5 Formulae for Addition and Subtraction.
• Speed calculation

• Pen and Paper
• Soroban Abacus
• Internet
• Laptop/desktop
• Pre-request Course: NA

Next Course:

Students will be able to take our next course “Abacus Math/Mental Math Level 2″

Course Outline:

Following is the course outline of the course:

Introduction To Mental Math

Introduction To Finger Values Rules Of Fingers Working On Units And Tens

Working On Similar And Different Values On Fingers

Introduction To Abacus

Similar And Different Values On Abacus

Revision And Practice Day

Introduction To House Of 5 (Addition)

House Of 5 (+3)

House Of 5 (+2)

House Of 5 (+1)

All Addition Formulas For House Of 5

Practice Days


Certificate Distribution

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