Website Development for Kids

WordPress for Intermediate


We have designed a specialized course for web designing for kids. Because, Entrepreneurship is getting boom due to high speed internet and people adoptability towards online shopping. Parents want their kids to become entrepreneurs but they do not know how to start and what technical skills they need for coding a website etc. The course of web designing is specially designed for kids to fire the spark of entrepreneurship among kids right from the early ages by creating a simple e-commerce store where kids can sale their goods and make money.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Developing e-commerce store in WordPress
  • Buying hosting and domain
  • Graphics designing and video editing 
  • Video/picture editing for e-commerce store to help students to boost their creativity and esthetic sense
  • Improve writing skills


  • Internet
  • Laptop/desktop
  • Android phone
  • Pre-request Course: WordPress for Beginners

Course Outline

Following is the course outline

Getting Started With WordPress

Introduction To E-Commerce Store

Basic Idea About Entrepreneurship

Selecting Theme For E-Commerce Store In WordPress

Selecting Products For E-Commerce Store

Simple Graphics Tools For Picture Editing

Uploading Products On The Store

Adding Add To Cart Feature

Making FB Page Of Your E-Commerce Store

Marketing Your Products On FB

Writing Articles, Uploading Pictures And Videos Of Your Projects

Generating Revenue From Your Friends And Family

Revenue Generation Competition

Certificate Distribution

About Us

EDVON is the unique online 1:1 live coding, robotics and mathematics program based on STEAM philosophy that will help your kids to be successful in future, by teaching them highly demanding 21st century technical and soft skills.