Coding Games in Scratch

Scratch Programming Advance Level


Coding Games in Scratch is a specially designed for kids who want to make complex games like Fruit Ninja where kids will be learning not only game development but also learning how to access the peripherals of the laptop/desktop like, camera etc. to make more interactive games and learn advance topics of coding.

Next Course:

After this course students will be able to take our next course “Android App Development for kids”


  • Internet
  • Laptop/desktop
  • Pre-request Course: No prerequisite of the course

Course Outline

Following is the course outline of the course:

Revision Of Scratch Coding

Accessing Laptop/Desktop Peripherals

Learning Complex Algorithms

Making Flowcharts


Nested Loops

Nested Conditional Statements

Mathematical Operators


Coding Fruit Ninja Game in Scratch

Scratch Programming Final Project

Competition: Coding Games in Scratch

Certificate Distribution for Scratch Programming

About Us

EDVON is the unique online 1:1 live coding, robotics and mathematics program based on STEAM philosophy that will help your kids to be successful in future, by teaching them highly demanding 21st century technical and soft skills.